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James Kenning - production sound mixer working on Alive, Lost in SnowJames Kenning Sound Recordist in the artic circle working on Alive, Lost in SnowJames Kenning with the Director and 1st Ad - Alive, Lost in Snow

"Grounded in the past, focused on the future" freelance Sound recordist & production mixer

I have been working in the film industry since I left sixth form college in 1988, joining a sound dubbing studios in the west end, starting as a runner and moving up to sound camera operator. I left post production in 1992 and moved across to the production side of the industry; joining the facility company Hammerhead TV and subsequently moving on to Picture Canning in late 1994.

In 1997 I ventured out of the safety of company life and out into the freelance world, the rest as they say is history....

John my boom operatorJames Kenning job swapping with John for a scene!