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James Kenning working as a sound recordist on The Mysti ShowJames Kennings boom operatorJames Kenning with the camera department on Alive, Lost in Snow

"Our aim is to never hear the saying 'waiting for sound!'" Drama sound recordist & feature film sound recordist

My Drama career started in 1997 after going freelance. I started on Dream Team as a boom operator. The following series I was back as a production mixer, a position I was to continue in, on and off until 2002.

In 2000 I worked on the RTS award winning reconstruction drama documentary The Cold War directed by Andrew Chater.

When not working on Dream Team I started to get involved in low budget feature films working my way up and gaining more and more experience, culminating in the 35mm feature Spivs directed by Colin Teague on 2003.

The Mysti show started off and took up most of 2004, a HD drama for the BBC. This was followed by another HD Drama reconstruction in 2005 for Darlow Smithson on location in the Artic Circle called, Alive, lost in snow.

Work ethic

I pride myself in a highly professional but light hearted approach to my work. I have an unparalleled love and passion for capturing good location sound whilst keeping a practical eye on the speed and constraints of modern productions.

One of the Boom operators I use is, John Hagenstede, In my opinion he is one of the best in the industry, a great addition to any production. John not only is an experienced boom operator, he is a mixer in his own right. Our combined expertise makes us a formidable team.

"I have, on more than one production been called the Crew morale officer"

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Spivs - Scene one

Alive, Lost in snow

Spivs - Scene two The Mysti Show Baby Juice Express Spivs - Scene three