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James Kenning - Production Sound Mixer - The Mysti ShowJames Kenning working on location in TenerifeJames Kenning freelance sound recordist & production sound mixer

Since starting my sound recording career in 1994 I have worked on just about every programme type imaginable. I gained a real grounding in the early years working on; Great Escapes, a travel show for Sky One, Lion Country, based at Longleat safari park, for the BBC and the Darlow Smithson production Battle for the Gulf, following the first gulf war.
A few other highlights include, working on the ground breaking fly on the wall documentary series, Castaway 2000, for BBC Scotland. Top Gear has been a regular for a number of years now as has the Chelsea flower show.

Independent production series have included Ant and Decs Saturday night take away, Homes from hell, Come dine with me and House of Horrors.

I have worked on many formats including HD and also mini cam set ups for Top Gear.

I have been production mixer for bafta award winning educational series Timelines produced and directed by Andrew Chater.

Work ethic

I pride myself in a highly professional but light hearted approach to my work. I have an unparalleled love and passion for capturing good location sound whilst keeping a practical eye on the speed and constraints of modern productions.

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Timeless Empire - Scene one

Top Gear - Aerial Atom

Timeless Empire - Scene two Top Gear - Motorised Canoe Timeless Empire - Scene three